Honorary Consul- Austria

Kunthea Sophie TRAMEGER

Honorary Consuls are appointed by the Kingdom of CAMBODIA in cooperation with the Cambodian Embassy. The embassy competent for Austria is located in Bruessels.


Among other duties, the following tasks are performed by the honorary consulate:


  • Promotion of economic relations between Cambodia and Austria
  • Support for the Kingdom of CAMBODIA by providing information on economic, cultural and scientific developments with a view to promoting cross-national cooperation
  • Maintaining/developing the good cross-national relationship between the Kingdom of CAMBODIA and Austria through tourism, trade and investment promotion
  • Representing the Kingdom of CAMBODIA at meetings and events
  • Protecting the interests of Cambodian citizens in accordance with international law
  • Issuing/processing/forwarding of documents such as visa, passport or citizenship applications or other legal documents
  • Issuing travel documents for Cambodian citizens in need
  • Visiting/advising Cambodian citizens imprisoned in Austria and reporting to the higher authority
  • Representation of Cambodian culture in Austria
  • Forwarding of judicial documents as well as assisting the KINGDOM of CAMBODIA in various investigations/ interrogations according to international conventions.